Friday, December 18, 2009

Random Thoughts...

...Pet peeve #3176974: When people use song lyrics as their Facebook status. I understand that you are trying to prove how "deep" you are by posting some incredibly moving and meaningful lyrics, but throwing up stereotypical words from a crappy pop or punk rock song isn't the way to express your deepest feelings. All this does is prove that you aren't creative enough to properly express yourself. Most importantly, though, if you think a poorly written pop song is the best way to express your teenage angst (especially if you are older than 16 and/or not a girl) you probably have bigger problems.

...I am squarely in the camp that believes it is time for The Simpsons to end. I honestly can't remember the last time I caught a new episode of The Simpsons. Occasionally, I'll check the syndicated airings to see if they are showing an older episode, but if they are showing anything in this decade, I'm definitely going to skip it. The Simpsons is one of the greatest television shows of all time, and once it ends it will live on in syndication regardless, a la Seinfeld and Friends. In a perfect world, the show would have ended several years ago, but so often shows hang on far, far too long. So please Matt Groening and co., put an end to the show and let us enjoy the ingenuity of the older episodes that made The Simpsons one of the greatest television shows of our lifetime.

...Doesn't this happen every year? At some point can't we all just agree that climbing a mountain in the middle of winter is a bad idea? I mean, does it make me a bad person that all I can think is "man, these people are morons?" Well fine, then, color me a bad person.

...Not to be a cynical Grinch, but why not give money to a charity instead of some random people who can obviously afford to eat out? This isn't a "magical" story, it is a story of generosity being used poorly.

...Colin Cowherd is the most annoying person at ESPN. And that's saying something.

...The man may not be immortal, but the fellatio jokes about his name certainly are.

...All dictionaries should be required to replace their definition of irony, with this story about Bill Plaschke. Irony is a hard concept to completely explain, but luckily we have Plaschke to give us the most perfect real life example in the history of real life examples.

...I am not okay with this. I am a superstitious loony-bin, and while I don't know of any specific "cover of MLB: The Show jinx," why risk it? I don't approve. I don't approve at all.

...The Cubs are making one of the most epically moronic trades I have ever seen. I understand that they hate Milton Bradley, and probably for good reason. Swapping him, however, for Carlos Silva who has been somewhere between awful and terrible the last couple of years -- not to mention injured -- doesn't make any sense. I understand it is bad contract swap, but Silva has almost no upside. He is a bad pitcher. Even at his peak, he was mediocre. If the Cubs want to get rid of Bradley that bad, just eat the money and trade him for prospects. Taking on Silva makes no sense whatsoever.

...Speaking of which, how great has Jack Zduriencik been from both a GM standpoint and a ridiculosuly-impossible-to-pronounce-name standpoint? The Twins should trade Bill Smith and prospects to the Mariners for Zduriencik. How great would that be? Both for the Twins as a franchise, and for the reaction to GMs being traded for each other. Everyone at ESPN's head would explode as they try and breakdown who got a better deal based on negotiation skills and whatnot.

...Honestly, I can't say enough about Jersey Shore. The show is so mindlessly, low-browingly entertaining it blows my mind. The fact that The Situation, J-Woww, Shnookie, and the rest, take themselves so seriously, and don't realize how off-the-charts ridiculous their behavior is makes for an excellent hour of television. If you aren't watching, you should be; if for no other reason that to feel better about yourself.

...I also can't say enough about The Wire, but for very difference reasons than Jersey Shore, obviously.

...That's all I've got this week, I am going to end with what is quickly becoming my routine shameless promotion ending: If you are on Twitter, and want to enjoy my semi-coherent 140 character ramblings on a daily basis, follow me here. Also, if you are new around these parts, check out the archive in the side bar for some of my older posts. You may or may not find them interesting or entertaining. I guarantee nothing.


  1. 1. zz-dur-eee-en-sick. Should I do Saltalamacchia or Tuiasosopo next?

    2. I agree on ending the Simpsons. I saw a commercial for a new episode a couple weeks ago. Wanna know what the main joke of the commercial was? Homer yelling "HELP!" which led to snow on a tree branch above him dropping and covering him head to toe. Homer's eyes then start blinking, with that obvious blinking sound effect. I couldn't believe that using a ridiculously repetitive joke was intended to encourage us to watch the show. Not to mention that these short clips no longer tell us the main plot of an episode; rather it's just a "funny" clip or it explains a smaller plot that barely, if at all, relates to the main plot. "The Simpsons" is not the only show that is guilty of this.

    Honestly, I started disliking the Simpsons years ago. The jokes just weren't funny anymore, and I felt there were too many guest appearances.

    3. I have the last 3 versions of MLB: The Show. The covers are (in order from old to new) David Wright, Ryan Howard, and Dustin Pedroia. You might argue that Wright took a step back this year, but Howard and Pedroia did well. Your superstitious worries should be just fine.

    4. Welcome to blogging, fellow new Twins blogger. :-) Congrats on getting mentioned by Aaron Gleeman, I'm still working on that for Off The Mark...