Friday, December 4, 2009

Bonus Post: Thoughts on Infield Market

With potential free agent infielders being snatched up faster than the testimonies of Tiger Woods’s mistresses by tabloids, I figured I had better relate some thoughts about the Twins infield situation before the market is completely dry (which at this pace could be any day now).

With the Marco Scutaro and Placido Polanco signings, and the apparently impending Chone Figgins signing, the, arguably, three biggest names are off the infield table.

These signings are actually a good thing for the Twins.

Once Figgins officially signs, his deal will essentially set the high end for the infield market. Couple Figgins's deal with Polanco and Scutaro getting fairly reasonable dollars-per-year (for the market at least -- in reality, Scutaro is nothing more than a glorified utility guy. I can already hear Red Sox fans complaining, "Theo is really stahtin to lose it, that Scutahro signing was retahded") and you have the middle-to-upper class of the infield free agent pool making $5-$6 million per year.

What does this mean for the Twins?

Hopefully, it means they will swoop in on someone in the Adrian Beltre/Miguel Tejada/Felipe Lopez/Orland Hudson group; or, better yet, a smorgasbord thereof that includes both a 2B and a 3B.

The most realistic scenario, however, is that the Twins will sign/trade for one infielder (be it 3B or 2B) and we will have to put up with another year of daily Punto.

Having said that, why wait to make a deal? The middle infield market has basically been set, and if the Twins can get Felipe Lopez or Orlando Hudson in the $4-$6 million range, why not make the move now? Locking up a second baseman at a reasonable price would allow the Twins to let the third base market fully play out, and see what options are available later in the offseason.

When it comes to second base, the Twins should move quickly. The price is right, and the middle infield would be set for next year.

Sure, a better deal might come up later, but there are no guarantees. There are plenty of affordable options now, so why wait for the absolutely perfect opportunity that may never arise?

Why wait for the potential bargain basement Wal-Mart prices, when there is reasonably priced, higher quality merchandise available right now?

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