Monday, November 16, 2009

Turning the Page

I have been avoiding writing about the Twins this offseason.

Ironically enough, I started this site as place to write predominantly about the Twins, with a smattering of other topics along the way; which makes it all that much more amazing that my vision has gone awry so quickly.

I think I have avoided the Twins because, quite frankly, I didn’t really like the 2009 Twins – comparatively speaking, of course. I found myself saying on several occasions during the 2009 season “This is the least fun I have ever had watching a Twins team.” And that included the Ron Coomer years.

The worst about 2009, though? The Twins team I knew had no chance of winning, and had written off in June, sucked me back in come September – even with their 6-9 hitters being Delmon Young, Jose Morales, Matt Tolbert, and Nick Punto.

And while it was fun, let’s face it, that team had no real chance of winning the World Series.

After a month without Twins baseball, however, I think I am finally ready to return to a Twins-centric frame of mind. The hot stove, after all, is in some ways more fun than the season itself. I mean, who doesn’t love drumming up their own crazy Roy Halladay trade proposals?

With that said, I am turning the page on the 2009 Twins, and moving on to 2010. Here’s to hoping 2009 is the last time we have to accept the “little engine that could” mentality and build a team that isn’t content with being just good enough.

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