Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2009 Free Agent Predictions

So my brother and I have an annual game of predicting offseason moves. We pick a list of free agents/trade targets for the offseason and guess where they will sign. I'm going to go ahead and throw my picks up on here, that way when I fail, I don't just do so privately, but publicly. Feel free to play along in the comments section.

Anyhoo, here are my predictions for where certain playres will end up, and what kind of contract they will receive:

Matt Holliday - Mets 8 yrs/$120 million

John Lackey - Mets 6 yrs/$90 million

Jason Bay - Red Sox 7 yrs/$100 million

Randy Wolf - Mets 3 yrs/$30 million

Andy Pettite - Yankees 1 yr/$10 million

Jose Valverde - Phillies 2 yrs/$17 million

Marco Scutaro - Red Sox 3 yrs/$15 million

Adrian Beltre - Twins 1 yr/$7 million

Rich Harden - Mariners 1 yr/$8 million

Mike Cameron - Yankees 2 yrs/$20 million

Orlando Hudson - Mets 3 yrs/$13 million

Miguel Tejada - Pirates 1 yr/$5 million

Vlad Guerrero - Athletics 2 yrs/$10 million

Jon Garland - Brewers 1 yr/$4 million

Carl Pavano - Twins 2 yrs/$12 million

Brad Penney - Giants 2 yrs/$8 million

Erik Bedard - Dodgers 1 yr/$7 million

Hideki Matsui - Yankees 2 yrs/$20 million

Jarrod Washburn - Twins 1 yr/$5 million

Billy Wagner - Red Sox 1 yr/$3.5 million

John Smoltz - Retire

Jermaine Dye - Giants 2 yrs/$13 million

Mark DeRosa - Phillies 2 yrs/$14 million

Orlando Cabrera - Blue Jays 2 yrs/$12 million

Jim Thome - Orioles 1 yr/$4 million

Xavier Nady - Cardinals 1 yr/$1 million

Roy Halladay - Blue Jays 1 yr/$15.75 million

Jason Marquis - Nationals 3 yrs/$30 million

Ben Sheets - Rangers 1 yr/$6 million


  1. You sure Lackey is going to get 9 years?

  2. The Twins make three significant FA signings? I dunno about that...

  3. I'm playing the odds. I don't think the Mets will actually sign all the players I predicted either, but I think they will sign a couple out of the group.