Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Thoughts...


...I love Kenny Williams. Mostly because he isn't very good at his job. It's like he just makes trades for the sake of making trades. It is fantastic. He is building hismelf a giant Alex Rios and Mark Teahan covered pile of crap and calling it the Chicago White Sox.

...On the flip side, Bill Smith is apparently making up for being terrible at his job by trading Carlos Gomez for J.J. Hardy. This is one of the five greatest trades in Twins history. Seriously. I'm not kidding. He traded a worthless player for a top ten shortstop. And, yes, I realize Hardy struggled last year but I stand by that. Enjoy Carlos Gomez Brewers fans. He really is as bad as his stat line shows.

...How dumb does everyone who bought a Carlos Gomez jersey feel, by the way? It was insanely stupid at the time people bought it, but now it is 3109470381274 times dumber. Suckers.

...The only downside to the Hardy trade is now Joe Mauer has some competition for resident team hottie. Hardy's a good looking dude.

...I am officially endorsing liquid de-icer for windshields. I don't know what brand this product is, or what the product is actually called, but it is one of the greatest inventions ever. It melts the ice on my windshield in like five seconds. I wrangled myself some unnamed de-icer for free this summer thinking, "hey, you know who might need some de-icer this winter? This guy (insert me pointing at myself)." Excellent decision. So if anyone reading this is from a company that makes liquid de-icer, I would be more than happy to endorse your product.

...Avatar looks like poop covered poop with a side of poop. This is the masterpiece you've been working on for like 2304783 years James Cameron? Really? You should have made Aquaman instead...

...I feel like I haven't slept in over a week. I suppose that tends to happen when you sleep about 8 hours total from Friday-Sunday and supplement that with the drinking of (arguably) too much beer. Follow that up with waking up at 6 am on Wednesday, and I have yet to catch up on sleep, which has directly affected the frequency of my blogging. In a related story, I'm kind of a pansy.

...I promise I am going to write more starting next week, though. I just need like two days of sleep to catch up. And by that I don't mean two days of like 8-10 hours of sleep, I mean literally 48 hours of sleep. After that I'll be ready to go. I'm kind of lazy that way. Not lazy in the sense that I don't do things but more know...uh...let's just move on.

...I am currently watching Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins on demand. I'm not sure if that is as sad as it sounds, but it is amazingly entertaining regardless.

...People need to stop paying with check. In fact, it is time to completely do away with personal checks period. Name 36 things more annoying then standing in line at a store while the person ahead of you hands the 15 year old cashier a check while the cashier stares at it confusedly trying to figure out what the hell it is. You can't do it can you?

...This is ridiculous. More importantly though, that jersey is one of the dumbest things I have ever seen. Not because she inexplicably left out the "E" in live (well maybe partially), but because somebody actually paid to have "I live for this" put on the back of a jersey. By the way, while I am well aware that the 27 on the jersey stands for World Series championships, I like to think it is for former Yankee Mel Hall becuase I'm pretty sure he did a lot of coke, and that makes the jersey infinitely more hilarious.

...I can't decide if it makes me happy that the Sports Guy Bill Simmons has gotten unbeleivably popular and I have read him since his beginning at ESPN, or sad that he has gotten unbelieveably popular because I don't feel as special for being part of his cult following. Either way it definitley makes me sad that I like him so much I bought his 700 page book about basketball. And it will make me even sadder when I enjoy it.

...Simmons theory, however, on the popularity of basketball is asinign.

...As much as I enjoy arguing politics and pretending to know what I am talking about, I am going to try and avoid getting political on this site, because talking politics usually just makes people mad. With that said, I am embarrassed to be from the same state as Michele Bachmann. We've all seen her antics and she just makes Minnesota look like a bunch of ignorant jackasses.

...I feel old. I went out to have a beer with my co-worker today because it was my last day of work. I had one beer and just felt sleepy. I'm not ready for the point in my life where one beer makes me want a nap. I'm only twenty-freakin-two. Then again, I'm pretty much just always sleepy (see above). Have a good weekend everyone.

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