Monday, January 25, 2010


1. First and foremost, I will be finishing up the Decade Retrospective this week. I swear. I have every intention of posting the final two entries tomorrow and Thursday (I was about to say Wednesday, but I'm going to the Joe Mauer Homecoming taping so I won't have time, and I didn't want to lie to you all you fine people.) Should I fail to complete my Decade Retrospective by Thursday for whatever reason, you can all, I dunno, tweet derogatory things about me or something.

2. Speaking of Twitter, you should all follow me. I'm up to 75 followers, but 100 looks pretty darn good right about now. And while 100 followers seems like a fairly lofty goal right about now, I feel like the fact that I tweeted something about testicles three times yesterday and didn't lose a single follower has to be a good sign. Right?

3. Finally, I have thoughts on two potential Twins targets:

Jim Thome: Thome has been a divisive force for Twins fans the last few days, and, honestly, I don't get why. The Twins bench is absolutely awful right now (at this rate, I'm going to be the leading candidate off the bench) and the addition of Thome would certainly change that. Yes, I am well aware Thome is nothing more than a DH at this point, but with Delmon Young slump prone, and some combination of Casilla/Punto/Tolbert/Harris/Valencia playing 2B/3B Thome would get plenty of at bats as a DH/PH. It won't take much financially to get Thome, and he would give the Twins depth, specifically a power hitter, that the team sorely needs.

Felipe Lopez: I don't think Lopez would be a bad pickup per se, but he wouldn't be the savior so many people seem to be making him out to be in. Yes, I am aware he had a cute little OBP last season, and has shown some pop in the past, but he is an inconsistent player that is at best average defensively. The fact is, he really doesn't bring all that much to the table. Is Lopez better than Punto? Yes. But in terms of getting on base, they have both been inconsistent players who have shown the ability to go on OBP hot and cold streaks in the past. And, technically, Punto is due for a good year while Lopez is due for a bad year. So there.

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