Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Know, I know. Sorry, but I'm Adjusting.

Ok, so here is the deal. I started new job on Monday, and am still trying to get into a routine/get the feel for my new lifestyle (aka not going to bed in the single digits and waking up in the double digits).

I know I haven't written anything since Monday (well, technically Sunday night) which means my Decade Retrospective series has hit a speed bump. For now.

I have not abandoned you all, I promise. If I don't post something in the next couple of days (which I intend to) I will certainly put a couple of things together this weekend. The series will be finished. I promise.

Fact is, I am in no frame of mind to be writing anyway, and what I pump out would be vastly inferior. For this reason, I have decided to hold off a few extra days and give you all quality reading (well, quality by the standars I have set here, at least) instead of pumping something crappy out faster.

In the meantime, please feel free go back and read the decade retrospective seasons I have actually completed, and everything else in my archive (both found on the sidebar). And, again, follow me on Twitter. I am stuck on 60 followers and that makes me sad. Turn my frown upside down!

Lastly, check out this excerpt from Hardball Times writer Chris Jaffe's book Evaluating Baseball's Managers, 1876-2008 about Tom Kelly. Very interesting stuff.

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