Monday, May 3, 2010

Week Four Random Thoughts...

...Francisco Liriano is absolutely cruising. Obviously. The best thing we saw all week from Liriano wasn't his 8 shutout innings against the Tigers on Tuesday, but rather the way he didn't unravel after giving up 2 runs in the first inning against the Indians on Sunday. Last year, Liriano wouldn't have made it past the third inning in that game. So yes, shutouts are good, but confident Liriano who can overcome a little early game adversity is even better.

...Also, Liriano is underrated in the svelteness department. Yes, svelte Delmon (or Sveltemon, as I am now calling him) has rightfully gotten the svelte press, but Liriano's svelteness is far more important because svelte Liriano apparently = best pitcher in the league.

...And yes I just set a record for the use of the word "svelte."

...I'm not worried about Kubel...yet. As long as he keeps on smirking, he'll start hitting.

...Soo...Brad Thomas is still alive? Good for him.

...Scott Baker is a wiener. He just is. I feel like someone needs to get a switch (people still use those, right?) and give him a beating. Or at least threaten to give him a beating, I mean I'm not hear to advocate a switch beatin'. All I'm saying is the dude has no hootspa, testicular fortitude, etc. He's a good pitcher for the most part, but he's just a wiener and that is why nobody really trusts Scott in a big spot (see what I did there?).

...Scott Baker is what he is, by the way. He isn't an ace, he's just a good Major League pitcher.

...I'd say something about Jesse Crain, but why?

...The pat Neshek is disconcerting. Not the injury, but because I'm a little worried he is gonna go all Glen Perkins on us after the whole "please put me on the DL" thing. He doesn't seem as goobery as Perkins though so it doesn't seem like he would do that.

...Did it annoy anyone else when Gardenhire went with Crain in the 12th inning instead of Jon Rauch? Even when the Twins have a pretend closer, they still do a poor job of knowing when to use him.

...Mauer who?

...I feel kind of silly for saying the Twins are using Jim Thome too much considering, you know, he's been the best hitter out of the Sveltemon, Kubel, Thome group. I am now off the Sveltemon bandwagon and on the play Kubel and Thome as much as possible.

...I'm a sucker for seeing guys first Major Leauge hit. Especially when I jokingly say "Luke Hughes" is going deep, and then Luke Hughes does, in fact, go deep.

...I reference this every week, but, well, it continues to be an issue so I feel obligate to bring it up. The Twins little hitting with the bases loaded problem, while frustrating, isn't really a problem. They are hitting well as a team for the most part, and the fact that they can't hit with the basis loaded right now is just a weird flukey thing. For now at least.

...Did the Indians complete over-celebration blow anybody else's mind on Saturday? I realize you are the Indians, so winning is confusing, but still. You just beat the Twins by getting a hit off Jesse Crain with the bases loaded and nobody out. I know you waited until there were two outs to actually get the hit, but you were SUPPOSED to win there. Just sayin.

...It's kind of nice that the Twins finally lost a series since, you know, it was inevitable and now everyone can stop pretending that it wasn't.

...I would just like to say that the Twins ended April on pace to win about 104 games. I know there are some issues, but this is overall a good baseball team. Deal with it people.

...Lastly, J.J. Hardy? No longer pretty.

...No, just kidding, dude's still pretty.


  1. Scott Baker is a good pitcher when he wants to be. And he's not scary, so it's hard to find him menacing like I think an ace should be. Johan's stuff was is Liriano's. They're scary. And Rauch is just freaky. =P But Liriano deserves to be the number one...

    Not Mauer who. He'll come around. And Ramos will quit hitting. Someday. And if not, we'll have great bats on the bench because I definitely foresee Butera getting shipped back to AAA when someone comes off the DL.

    The Indians are dumb. I think I tweeted something about their celebration, but maybe it was just because I was bitter that the Twins sunk their own ship by putting Crain into the game in that situation. The minute he came in I knew we were going to lose.

    JJ will always be pretty.

  2. I'm not sure why you wouldn't be worried about Kubel. Why does everyone assume that the 2009 Kubel stats are the norm and not an abberation? If you go look at 07 & 08 you start to wonder (yes, I know he was hurt a lot).