Sunday, April 18, 2010

Week Two Random Thoughts...

This is my new Sunday feature. A roundup of random thoughts from the week that was in Twins baseball. And if you are thinking "wait, isn't this is just a cop out so you have one less day to worry about trying to come up with a blog post?" Well, to that, I have no comment.

...I must say the constant overreaction in the Twitterverse is getting kind of annoying. Can't I just enjoy some post game Tweets in peace? Look, I get annoyed when the Twins don't play well too, but one loss to the Royals isn't the end of the world. This isn't the NBA. The best team doesn't always win. If the 1927 Yankees played the 2010 Royals 100 times, the Royals would probably win 25 of those games. That's what makes baseball so great. Anything can happen. One loss doesn't mean the wheels are coming off, it just means the Twins lost.

...I always enjoy the fake DL stints. Much like Glen Perkins last year, Jose Mijares has been placed on the DL because, well, because he sucks. Although, personally I think if you're going to make up a fake injury for Mijares can't you say he pulled a muscle eating a sandwich or something? Or hell, just put him DL under "fat."

...J.J. Hardy? Still pretty.

...This pretty much goes without saying, but Target Field is amazing. Stunning. The only place I have been that even kind of compares is Petco Park. Although, I will say, the Twins need to do something about the scoreboard situation. I want to know what the hell is going on even when I am sitting under the scoreboard. There are screens in the right field wall for a reason. I guess I'm still just bitter that I missed kiss cam.

...My favorite part about Target Field? Other teams fans can no longer make fun of us for our team playing in a shit hole.

Quick story: When I went to Milwaukee with some friends (four? five?) years ago, I rolled down the window the first time we were pulling up to Miller Park and yelled at the Brewers fans, and I quote, "Your stadium is more worser than ours!" Why did I yell this? Beacuse I loathe Miller Park. And also because I am retarded apparently. I'm not even sure what I was actually trying to yell, but for whatever reason it came out as "more worser than." Yes, I was completely sober. I still can't explain it. Of course, this is the same trip where we passed a billboard for some amusement park called "A-Merick-A-Land" which I read phonetically instead of as "Americaland." I still get made fun of for this. Although, I stand by the fact that technically I read the sign correctly.

...Having everyone wear number 42 on Jackie Robinson Day is a cool, fun idea. Having the Royals wear number 42 the following day is not.

...After 13 games I think it is safe to say this Twins lineup could be one of the most exciting the Twins have ever had. They take walks, and rarely get themselves out. Yeah they have struggled with RISP at times, but for a lineup this good that is just an aberration.

...I like that the Twins and the city of Minneapolis are erecting (giggle) statues around the city, but that Joe Mauer statue is ridiculously ugly.

...I am still trying to come to grips with the fact that I am confident anyone in the lineup not named Punto can get a hit at any time. I mean as hard as it is to top Jose Morales at DH and all...

...I'm curious what the defensive metrics for J.J. Hardy and Orlando Hudson show so far this year. I know the preseason perception was that both guys were slipping, but both have been sure-handed and shown very good range so far this season.

...Okay, yes, Jesse Crain had an absolutely awful week, but I, for one, still believe he can have a decent season. I refuse to give up hope that it will become completely rational for me to arbitrarily yell, "THE CRAIN TRAIN IS BACK ON TRACK!"

...Can we all pause for a moment and revel in fact that the Twins have won every series they have played so far? And, aside from the Royals, they dispatched the four teams who many people would argue were the front runners in their division. This Twins team is good.

...Billy Butler has to be the slowest guy in baseball. And, yes, I am taking Mike Redmond into account.

...Target Field is playing big. There have been some balls that look like they have been crushed, that are caught fairly easily by the outfielders. It is still early, and balls tend to carry better mid-summer as the weather gets warmer, but so far Target Field seems like a pitcher park. (Well for everyone but Crain at least.)

...And with that, I will leave you with Francisco Liriano's first pitch at Target Field. Just cuz:


  1. Yes, JJ Hardy is still pretty. As a Brewer faithful (don't be too hard on me - the Twins are my AL team) I was devastated when it was clear they were getting rid of Hardy. And thrilled when I found out he'd be in the cities. You will get to know him as more than just pretty, though. He's a great shortstop - dependable, smart. And he's pretty good with the bat. He can be streaky but will come through when you need him. And maybe this is unfair to many athletes out there, but when he's interviewed you can understand him. He's never cocky and always speaks well of his teammates. He's a good guy and yes he just happens to have amazing blue eyes.

  2. A friend of mine forwarded your blog to me, and being a huge baseball fan, I'm thoroughly amused with this. First off, I'm a diehard Cardinals fan (DIEHARD), and I'm partial to Busch Stadium as the prettiest. But, I haven't been to Target Field. It's on my list, though, that's for sure.

    Also, the fake DL stints, like we put Isringhausen on a couple years ago? Yeah, they make me laugh.

    And as much as I love my team, I still think Yadi might be a touch slower than Billy Butler. Just saying.

    Loved the post. :)