Friday, October 23, 2009

Random Thoughts...

Quick intro: Random Thoughts is a feature I conjured up for a weekly post of, well, random thoughts. It will be a combination of links, quips, and things that are too long to tweet. Pretty much anything. It's pretty self explanatory. And, yes, I am well aware I stole everything about this concept from countless other people and sites, so I'm not claiming any credit for the idea. Hopefully, though, you will find my thoughts themselves witty, funny, and possibly thought provoking. Anyhoo, "Random Thoughts" will be featured on Friday's, so enjoy...

...For anybody visiting Minnesota right now I would just like to say the weather usually isn't this bad. Seriously. Falls are usually nice. It doesn't usually snow in October. No, really. Fine. Don't believe me. Just leave our state. We don't want you here anyway.

...Check of this video of Goldy Gopher at the Minnesota vs. Penn State game last Saturday. The fact that what Goldy is a controversy is ridiculous. I'm not promoting blasphemy, but what he did wasn't blasphemous. He was just a mascot trying to entertain the crowd. That is what they do.

...I hate Nick Swisher more than I can hate any man I have never met before. Everything about him annoys me. Alright, yeah, maybe hate is too strong of a word...Naw. I'm sticking with hate.

...Until the Phillies vs. Dodgers decisive game four I had an odd playoff power: Every game I watched was close and/or went into extra innings, and every game I didn't watch ended in a route. In a related story, I missed game four of that Dodgers vs. Phillies series because I was watching Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Even the Megan Fox running-in-slow-motion-in-a-low-cut-top scenes couldn't make up for the other two hours of Michael Bay garbage.

...I know commenting about Lindsay Lohan's demise has become cliche, but seriously how depressing are pictures like this ? She was so freaking hot back then. Now she looks like Gollum. You know, if Gollum did a lot of coke.

...So I've gotten sucked into FLashForward and I can't decide if I'm happy about this. The concept is interesting, and the show has been mostly entertaining so far. I just can't get over the feeling that the show is heading towards a disappointing ending. Although, if nothing else, I can continue to thoroughly enjoy the way everyone on the show speaks in an intense manner that makes it seem like everything they say is the most important sentence ever spoken.

...This story should be about the job Tomlin is doing as Vikings head coach. Yes, I realize the Vikings are 6-0, but Chilly's play calling is still terrible.

...I hate when people call me "big guy." No matter how you use the phrase, it sounds condescending. Even if you don't consciously mean to be condescending (I would argue that you at least mean it subconsciously) that is exactly how it comes off. It bugs me.

...Similarly, don't march into someones place of work and proclaim "breaks over" if the people who work there are sitting at their desk chatting. This happend to me and my co-worker at work today, and while we were, in fact, sitting in a manner that appearned break-like, you don't know us or what we are doing, so back off. Busting through the door and proclaiming "break's over" makes you look like a jackass.

To end I would just like to say this is an abbreviated version of Random Thoughts as I am still in the process of getting everything up and running with this site. From here on out there will be an expanded version of this feature every Friday. Thanks for reading and I certainly hope you make it a habit.

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